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The Traditional Bakery

In 2007, the traditional baker Rudolf Dövener from the Schnoor in Bremen was looking for a worthy successor. For decades, Dövener baked the Bremer Klaben in the Schnoor with a secret recipe and also invented a Bremen specialty: the Schnoorkuller:  A nut meringue with nougat cream filling covered with fine milk chocolate and freshly roasted, ground hazelnut kernels.

When Dövener was looking for a worthy successor, he met Riza Tosun. Riza and his brother Seyit are trained confectioners from Istanbul and came to Bremen in the 1990s. Initially, they set up their own business with "Viertel Feinkost" in the Bremen district. After meeting Rudolf Dövener, Riza Tosun learned all the secret, typically Bremen recipes from the old baker of the Schnoor.

Since 2007 he finally runs independently with his wife Elena the bakery "Schnoor Konditorei", to which in 2011, Café Amtsfischerhaus, 2013 Bakery in the Schnoor and 2017 still the Schoko-Stube in the Schnoor has come. Here there are other homemade specialties such as chocolates, ice cream and colorful waffles.

Seyit Tosun now runs the café in the Schnoor Terrase. This used to be a fish restaurant, but today it serves cakes from the "Schnoor Konditorei". The Tosuns have further developed the traditional Schnoorkuller and patented it. There is Schnoorkuller ice cream and Schnoorkuller cake. And also many special editions! Let us surprise you!

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