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The company Tosun Feinkost is run by the Tosun family and has been located in the Schnoor since 2007. Riza and his brother Seyit both learned the profession of confectioner in Istanbul before coming to Bremen in 1993 and 2005. Initially, Riza ran the Viertel Feinkost store before devoting himself entirely to the Schnoor Konditorei from 2013. Seyit runs the Cafe im Amtsfischerhaus, which was previously a fish restaurant next to the former Amtsfischerhaus. There, as well as in other cafes in Bremen, the delicious cakes from the Schnoor Konditorei are served. Directly opposite is the Schoko Stube since 2017. Here you can find homemade ice cream, chocolates, colorful waffles and other specialties, which can also be ordered and consumed in the cafe across the street.
The specialty of the house is the patented Schnoor Kuller as well as traditional Bremen baked goods.
In the stores of Schnoor Konditorei, for example, you can get the only handmade Bremen Kluten and original Bremen Klaben, which may only be made according to traditional recipes and with certain ingredients. Schnoorkuller, on the other hand, are nut meringues with a nougat cream filling covered in fine milk chocolate and freshly roasted, ground hazelnuts. An invention of Riza's predecessor Rudolf Dövener. In search of a worthy successor, he found Riza Tosun, who saw a new challenge in the traditional art of baking in Bremen that he wanted to master. So he learned the traditional Bremen recipes from the former owner of the Schnoor Konditorei, located in the Schnoor since 1980, and developed Schnoorkuller in many different flavors as well as Schnoorkuller ice cream and cake. In 2015, he married his wife Elena, who mainly takes care of sales and staff planning.

Thus, the Tosun family operates the traditional Bremen baking art in the Schnoor.

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